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VAMA Leads Process for Variance
Request for Micromarkets with VDACS

Your VAMA Leadership has been hard at work on tasks to improve the business climate in the state of Virginia – this will help all operators both VAMA member and non-member companies. One of those tasks was to obtain a variance request for Micro-Markets which we define as unattended retail establishments.   In Virginia, the law states that there must be a person at any "food" establishment.  In order to operate a Micro-Market we need to obtain a variance to this and show processes that the operator has in place to insure food safety. Our desire here is to create uniformity with this new process and give you guidance as you obtain your own variance for your individual company.  A member of the VAMA Board has received final approval and we would like to share the process with you since we have a clear understanding what VDACS is looking for in this variance request.  Click here to view the letter sent to Senator McDougle from VADCS that clarified their position on the matter.

Below are the 3 steps required by VDACS to acquire approval:

1. Complete the variance request application. Simply fill out the information requested and in the box that asks for “list of processes or operations requiring a variance…”, insert your company name in this box.
2. List of each Micro-Market address: 
Please list all addresses where these Micro-Markets exists. There is no requirement to list the "business name" where the Micro-Market is located, just the address of the locations to be covered under the blanket variance.
3. Written Request to VDACS: Lastly, operators will need to file a written request for the variance application. As stated earlier, in order to operate a Micro-Market we need to obtain a variance to this and show processes that the operator has to insure food safety. Attached is a guidance for unattended food establishments and there are seven (7) categories that need to be addressed with subcategories for guidance. Each category does not need to have a separate paragraph but each category needs to be addressed.  (see attached Word document TEMPLATE for you to use…the first couple paragraphs are generic but the highlighted areas should be re-written for your company’s need in applying for this variance.)

After completing these three (3) steps above, please email your variance application and your variance application request letter to Pam Miles (Office of Dairy and Foods) at and wait for their reply with their ruling.
Our goal here is to continue to provide tools to our Operator members that enable your businesses to remain strong and in compliance of the laws set forth.  VAMA is at work FOR YOU! 

Click here for Variance Request Application

VDACS Letter Re Micromarkets

Variance Application_written